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Real estate hanoi / Da Nang real estate market: soon ripe soon rotten. Danang, often cited as having the most beautiful beach on the planet, witnessed a remarkable surge in the development of luxury resorts in recent years. Now, many of them are sitting idle.

Recently, while attending a press conference announcing yet another big real estate project in Da Nang, this reporter took a moment to ask the interpreter a few private questions. Did the woman, a Hanoian, have any personal plans to buy an apartment in the project and settle down in Da Nang?

The answer was an abrupt “No”. Of course, neither reporter’s question nor the reply were conveyed to the investor and the distributor – Savills Vietnam.

Real estate investors in the coastal areas of Da Nang might not hear answers like this when they consider developing projects here, but they would do well to listen.

Investors, mostly from Hanoi and HCM City, flocked to the Da Nang area seven years ago with their projects in tow. They had convinced themselves that the broad sand banks and world-renowned beach were the ideal site for new resorts.

At the time, Hanoi and HCM City were witnessing a “land fever”, with real estate prices escalating daily. Certainly, they reasoned, it was only a matter of time before that same fever attacked Da Nang as well, with hefty profits accruing to those savvy investors who foresaw the inevitable.

A lot of resort projects were kicked off at that time. However, to the surprise of many, the Da Nang real estate market did ultimately follow Hanoi and HCM City – when it froze.

Analysts assert that the investors made a big mistake when they surveyed the Da Nang market. They paid little heed to the fact that sun shines reliably only for a period of three months a year, while it rains during the other six months. In winter, those

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“world-class” beaches look gloomy and deserted. And with strong winds and heavy rains, the idea of frolicking in the ocean or strolling outside to enjoy the landscape is not something that most people find appealing.

Some who bought apartments in the coastal areas have said they felt compelled to bargain those apartments away after only a year or so of living there. Their plans for romantic walks on the beach were thwarted by the realities of the weather, forcing them to stay at home, lock the doors, and ramp up the air conditioners.

Another big mistake by investors was that resort development surged so rapidly that infrastructure development in the locality could not keep up. An executive of CBRE Vietnam, which acted as a consultant to a number of projects,

admitted that many apartment buyers were surprised when they saw nothing but white spread-out sand banks.

With no service providers in the areas, no local residents and no visitors, a lot of the coastal resorts in Da Nang now look like the deserted land. It is even difficult for many to go out and buy essential goods, given the dearth of markets or shopping malls.

Some experts estimate it will take 10 more years to develop the necessary infrastructure to create a good living environment in the area.

The hasty investments have resulted in the establishment of a series of coastal projects during the period of 2007-2009 which are now sitting idle.

Real estate investors are no longer welcomed by Da Nang’s people, who largely resent that the projects have encroached on public beaches. Meanwhile, people in some fishing villages complain that they have suffered from the local authorities’ plans to facilitate the urbanization of their areas.

Real estate credit package set to be unveiled

– The official information on VND100 trillion (over US$4.76 billion) credit package for the domestic real estate market may be announced next month.

Most experts and business insiders in the market have expressed concern over the potential impact of the VND100 trillion package. The previous VND30 trillion package had been disbursed slowly.— Photo dantri

Phan Thanh Mai, general director of the Viet Nam Bank for Construction (VNBC), was quoted as saying this by the Lao Dong (Labour) Newspaper in response to rumours about the package that have been circulating over the past few days.

Mai said the bank had submitted a proposal for a credit package together with four other commercial banks. He added that the total package will likely range from VND70 trillion ($3.33 billion) to VND100 trillion.

The credit package is still in the proposal stage and has not been approved by the authorised agencies, he further noted.

Previously, several newspapers had quoted Le Xuan Nghia, former vice chairman of the National Financial Supervisory Committee, as saying that the authorities were considering launching a credit package of about VND100 trillion to boost the recovery of the real estate market, at the Viet Nam Economics Seminar 2014.

However, Nghia remarked that there was a misunderstanding about the credit package.

Nghia noted that the VNBC in collaboration with four other commercial banks would focus on developing important infrastructure projects, and the average and low income earners would be supported if they wanted to buy houses.

He also said the new credit package will not have the weaknesses of the previous one of VND30 trillion ($1.42 billion). Therefore, the loans granted from the new proposed credit package will be commercial loans with lower interest rates than others and not preferential loans granted under the VND30 trillion package.

He stated that the credit package proposal showed dynamic action taken by the commercial banks. The package is expected to support not only property projects but also building materials supply to ensure quality and prices, thereby heating the real estate market.

Do Duc Duy, spokesperson of the Construction Ministry, confirmed earlier this week that the ministry did not design any project to support the real estate market with the VND100 trillion package.

Duy said the ministry and provinces are collaborating to resolve the market's difficulties, especially with the housing programme.

Most experts and business insiders in the market have expressed concern over the potential impact of the VND100 trillion package. The previous VND30 trillion package had been disbursed slowly.

A representative from a property firm in Ha Noi noted that housing prices have not sharply declined, despite low sales in the market in the past few years. People still could not afford to buy a house.

"If we continue to pump money into